Top Tier Tollywood–‘RRR’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James


RRR delivers an epic scope unseen in Western Blockbuster filmmaking.

This is a tale so outrageous only India could pull it off.


RRR is an Indian epic action drama film directed by S. S. Rajamouli. The film is inspired by two real-life Indian revolutionaries and their fight against the British Empire. RRR is one of the most expensive and highest grossing Indian action movies of all time.

The appeal of Indian action movies is how over-the-top and operatic they are. It’s as if S. S. Rajamouli looked at every Zack Snyder and Michael Bay film and said “Not big enough!” There are scenes where one hero is taking out an entire army and the other hero is wrestling with a tiger, and that’s only the beginning.

Viewers can expect an abundance of slow-motion and a total disregard for physics. Most Indian action movies have one fight that’s outrageous enough to go viral on the internet. RRR is entirely comprised of insane fights that make the Avengers look tame by comparison. This is made all the more hilarious because the protagonists are human beings whose superpower is “bromance.”

The bombastic nature of RRR means that many viewers may watch the film ironically. And yet, in spite of its cartoonish presentation, there are moments that hit home. This is still a film about rising up against the oppression of colonization. Its heart and themes transcend camp and culture.

As a fan of Indian action cinema, RRR hits all the right marks. It’s opulent, over-the-top, and action packed. Those who are new to the genre will find RRR easily accessible and may become unexpected fans of Indian action cinema. As blockbuster films come, RRR has no comparison.


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