The Serenity’s Crew Is Stretched Thin: Previewing ‘Firefly: Return To Earth That Was’ Vol. 3 HC

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a preview of Firefly: Return to Earth That Was Vol. 3 HC, out today from writer Greg Pak and artist Simona Di Gianfelice

‘The crew of the Serenity is stretched too thin and in unfamiliar territory, but Kaylee has had enough. Despite being at odds with the Jefa, they’ll have to turn their attention toward a mutual threat, along with other factions. 

Meanwhile the Washbot continues to come into his own, as the various groups— our heroes, Earthers, plunderer workers, and others— will also learn how imperfect people can come together to build a community, and a sense of hope. But that hope may be short-lived, as they discover that the Alliance has built portals, and are coming to The-Earth-That-Was… in this new chapter of Firefly.’

Collects Firefly #33-36.

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