Pre-Orders Available For ‘The Best Of 2000 AD’ Volume 1 – Much Delayed But Well Worth It

by Richard Bruton

Announced all the way back in 2019, the world’s changed a fair bit since then – but it’s finally coming out, a perfect introduction to the very best of the Galaxy’s Greatest comic – The Best of 2000 AD!

Regular cover by Jamie McKelvie

Yes, for a while it seemed that the fates were against this one coming out, with all that Covid business setting back the release day until now, but it’s finally time for the six-issue graphic novel series that will hopefully be the perfect gateway drug to readers wanting to see what all of this 2000 AD stuff is all about!

Featuring new design work by Design by Tom Muller, The Best of 2000 AD Volume One is out in September wherever you get your comics from, with a mix of classics both contemporary and from the early days of 2000 AD, including a graphic novel-length adventure in each volume. Plus, every new issue has a brand-new Judge Dredd adventure.

Webshop exclusive cover by Karl Kerschl

For the first volume with that new cover by Jamie McKelvie or the webshop exclusive cover from Karl Kerschl; there’s Judge Dredd battling Mutie Block anarchy; Halo Jones escapes in Alan Moore’s first masterpiece with artist Ian Gibson; you get to discover one of Judge Anderson‘s greatest adventures in the search for Shamballa by Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, plus there’s the brilliance of modern-day 2000 AD is represented by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard‘s Brink.

Plus, more Dredd in a classic with art from Brendan McCarthy and Jamie Hewlett, the universe’s worst advice page with DR & Quinch… all in all, a fine sampling of the very best of the UK’s finest sci-fi comic.

The Best of 2000 AD Volume 1, published 28 September – hardback from the usual comic and book shops, web-exclusive hardback available from the 2000 AD webshop.

Now, here’s a quick look at the goodies to expect inside…

Judge Dredd: Mutie Block – John Wagner and Kev Walker, colours by Chris Blythe, letters by Annie Parkhouse.

Brink: Book One, Part One – Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard, letters by Simon Bowland

The Ballad of Halo Jones: Book One – Alan Moore and Ian Gibson, colours by Barbara Nosenzo, letters by Steve Potter

Anderson, Psi-Division: Shamballa – Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson, letters by Steve Potter

Judge Dredd: Spock’s Mock Chocs – Alan Grant, Brendan McCarthy & Jamie Hewlett, letters by Tom Frame

DR & Quinch’s Agony Page – Alan Davis and Jamie Delano, inks and colours by Mark Farmer, letters by Steve & Jack Potter

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