The Walking Dead’s Clementine To Return In 2023 From Skybound Comet

by Olly MacNamee
No sooner has Clementine Book One dropped and Skybound Comet announce a sequel. Clementine Book Two by writer/artist Tillie Walden is to be released October 2023.
“In Clementine Book Two, Clementine and her new friends are rescued by an island community led by an enigmatic doctor called Miss Morro, but just as Clementine’s scars are finally beginning to heal, she discovers dark secrets that threaten to tear her new life apart. Can Miss Morro be trusted? What about the rest of the islanders? And just how far will Clementine go to protect the ones she loves?”
Alex Antone, Senior Editor said of of the sequel:
“We couldn’t be more proud of the work Tillie did on Clementine Book One. And in Book Two, Tillie takes Clementine’s story to even greater heights with a new heart-pounding and heart-wrenching adventure about finding family, embracing love, and growing up in the darkest of times.” 
Tillie Walden added:
“After the games ended, we thought Clementine’s story was over. And now she’s been through so much more after book one, but it is all really just the beginning. Clementine has much further to go, more obstacles to face, and much more growing up to do. I couldn’t be more excited for this next part of her story. I feel like I’m climbing with her deeper into the depths of love, fear, and family. As usual there are few challenges that Clementine can’t face, but in facing them, what will she be like when she comes out the other side?”
Clementine Book Two will be available on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 in comic book stores and digitally and everywhere books are sold on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.
Plus, to support the release of Clementine Book One, Tillie Walden will also be embarking on a book tour that kicks off this week with special appearances at ALA Annual in Washington D.C. and will continue with tour stops in major cities across America through July. In-person appearances will include book signings and at many stops, insightful conversations with Walden and a diverse roster of special guests that includes some of the most accomplished talent working in the worlds of books and comics today.

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