Chris Claremont Returns To The X-Men In New ‘Gambit’ #1 Preview

by Tony Thornley

Marvel has made a killing on nostalgia-driven stories featuring some of their greatest characters. In the latest, legendary Uncanny X-Men writer Chris Claremont takes one of his most popular characters back to the beginning in Gambit.

Main Cover by Whilce Portacio & Alex Sinclair

Joined by rising star artist Sid Kotian, the new limited series will revisit Remy LeBeau’s time just before he joined the X-Men. In this flashback story, he and a de-aged Storm form a unique bond, while thieving and adventuring through the Mississippi River basin.

From Marvel’s press release: The series will unearth a wide range of previously untold adventures, from a brush with the Shadow King to an array of earthbound and out of this world escapades, that gives Claremont a chance to further explore Gambit’s path to becoming a heroic X-Man as well as reveal new insights into another trademark character of his, Storm, at a pivotal moment in her history. Get your first look at this story of action, intrigue and revenge in new interior artwork and variant covers by all-star artists Salvador Larroca, Peach Momoko, Scott Williams, and InHyuk Lee!

When asked why he chose to revisit this specific era, Claremont told AiPT Comics: “Because I considered it somewhere that provided the opportunity for a whole-lotta-fun to be had by all involved. Think about it: who notices kids? The way Remy dresses, not to mention his great body and gorgeous looks, most of the time all eyes turn towards him. [Kid] ‘Ro remains functionally invisible. Target looks to Remy, ‘Ro picks his pocket. But the true reason, frankly, is that the story turned out to be a whole lot more fun this way.”

Check out the preview of story pages from the first issue, as well the variant covers, and be sure to pick up Gambit #1 on July 27th!

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