Square Enix Planning ‘Star Ocean: The Divine Force’ Stream

by Sage Ashford

Square-Enix and developer tri-Ace have revealed they’re planning a new live stream for information on their upcoming title, Star Ocean: The Divine Force on June 29th, beginning 7AM EST. Announced during a Sony State of Play in 2021, both Square-Enix and tri-Ace have been silent on the game since then.

The title was initially meant to have more information released on it in the Spring, but the developer admitted they were going to miss that target stream earlier in the month. This stream will last around 40 minutes and feature the opening eight minutes of one of the game’s two protagonists, Raymond. They’ll also be revealing new characters and explaining the game’s story in detail.

Presumably, the game will also have its release date reveal here, with the title still supposedly releasing in 2022.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will release on PlayStation and Xbox consoles and Steam.

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