Here Comes A New Challenger! Persona 5’s Joker Joins The Cast Of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

by Sage Ashford

Months after his initial reveal during December’s The Game Awards, Persona 5’s lead character “Joker” joins Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster as the first DLC character. This addition comes with a fifteen minute trailer detailing not only Joker’s moves, but the additional Persona-related content, as well as the updates contained in Smash Bros. Ultimate’s “Version 3.0” update.

Included along with Joker is a special Persona-inspired stage known as “Mementos”, along with a wide selection of music tracks from Personas 3, 4, and 5.  There’s also a set of cosmetic DLC for the customizable Mii Fighters, coming in the “Extra Mii Fighter Costumes Round 1” pack. This group of DLC includes the Morgana Hat from P5, the Persona 3 and 4 protagonist looks for the Swordfighter Mii, the Teddie Hat from Persona 4, and a Tails and Knuckles look for the Gunner and Brawler Miis, respectively.

Lastly, the version 3.0 update will come with a special Stage Builder feature where players will be able to design their own stages (including working with the touchscreen to do so), a Video Editor, a way to Share Content, and Smash World, a new service that will be a part of the Nintendo Switch Online app. This will allow players to do things like view stages and videos from the game without actually starting up Smash itself.

Joker will be apart of Challenger Pack No. 1, launching April 17th, for $4.99.  The 3.0 update comes out the same day, but will be free.

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