Table Top RPG Creators Corner — Dice Maker Indrani Of ‘Nonagon Dice’

by Anton Kromoff
Welcome to the table.
I had the opportunity to sit down with Indrani Ganguly of Nonagon Dice to talk about dice making, streaming TTRPGS, and snow owl familiars.
Anton Kromoff: Hello Indrani and thank you so much for taking some time to talk to me about your craft. Your website showcases some really fun work. Before we dig into what goes into your craft, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Indrani Ganguly: My name is Indrani (she/they). I’m a 22-year-old from Mumbai, India. I’ve been an avid role-player since I was 11, and I discovered TTRPGs when I was 16! Since then, I’ve founded Nonagon Dice – India’s first handmade TTRPG accessories company – and co-founded Desis & Dragons – India’s largest TTRPG community! I am extremely passionate about building safe communities and uplifting the creators that emerge within the space.

Anton: Are you a full-time artist or do you follow other paths when not creating colorful math rocks?

Indrani: When I’m not making math rocks, I’m handling marketing and communications for a couple of companies! Specifically an indie game studio and an NGO! I’ve always enjoyed marketing as a trade; even though it has the potential to be used in awful ways, I think there’s a joy in ethical marketing. It’s great being able to bring people’s attention to something you love and believe in. 

Anton: The owl seems to come up across your dice. What led you to choose that as your icon?

Indrani: That’s my boy Geralt! He is my Fey snowy owl familiar! He has appeared in quite a few of my D&D campaigns. My head canon is that he has worked with multiple adventurers over the course of his life, including my IRL-self!

Anton: You hand-cast dice making each one an individual piece of art. Can you take us through what that process looks like from conception to completion?

Indrani: Strap in, it’s gonna be a long one. But before we start: SAFETY GEAR. IS. IMPORTANT. If you wanna get into this craft, do not skimp on the safety gear for working with epoxy resin!First, I designed my dice masters and 3D printed them. Then, I made molds out of them. Now that I have molds, I’m ready to cast actual resin dice. I usually jot ideas down in my notebook, and then prop it up on my desk so it acts like guide while I work.

Often I’m inspired by the D&D games I play in, popular culture, and just general geekdom. I’ve made dice based out of my campaigns, comic books, SFF novels, etc.

Once I have my design down, I do the actual resin pour. This process can be different based on the design. If I’m making Arrakis dice – based off Frank Herbert’s Dune – I’ll use sandy textures, warm colors, etc.

Then I cure my dice in a pressure pot, which is basically a tiny bomb. I’m kidding. It’s a container which gets pressurized with air, and that compresses the bubbles inside the resin til they’re gone.

Once the dice are cured, I get to the worst part of dicemaking. Sanding and polishing. Gotta get that mirror shine!

The final step is inking the numbers! Then I take some pretty photos… and we’re good to go!

Anton: How would one contact you to commission a set of dice?

Indrani: You can reach me at to commission dice! I also have a shop update happening on the 3rd of July!

Anton: When creating dice for a client do you prefer being given a lot of direction or more vague ideas and then being allowed to create as you go?

Indrani: Anything goes. If you have a very specific vision, I’ll tell you if I can execute it or not. If you have an idea or a theme, I’ll help you brainstorm what the actual design would look like. It’s a really rewarding and collaborative process. Take me up on it!

Anton: You also are active in the TTRPG actual play space. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Indrani: I started streaming TTRPG actual plays on the Desis & Dragons Twitch channel as a way to promote TTRPGs in India. Turns out, I love the format.

Since then, I’ve appeared on a handful of international TTRPG streams. I always try to create characters that represent a part of my culture. In a world where western fantasy is considered “default” my goal is to introduce people to more options!

Anton: I really appreciate you taking the time to sit and speak with me. Please tell our audiences where they can keep up with you and follow your creative journey.

Indrani: My social media handle everywhere is @nonagondice! My website is

You can find Desis & Dragons everywhere as @desisndragons! You can join our Discord community over at

You can find me live every week at and for Wayward Revelry!

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