Preview: Vampires Daywalk Unimpeded In ‘Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer’ SC

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a preview of Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer SC, out today from writer Casey Gilly, line artists Joe Jaro and Maria Keane, color artist Joana Lafuente, and letterer Ed Dukeshire

‘On an alternate earth ravaged by climate change, vampires daywalk unimpeded under a polluted sky. But even amidst the dystopian harmony between the vampire regime and their human cattle, a hardened, 50-year-old Buffy Summers stumbles across hope in the form of a little girl that believes she is the last Slayer. A rebellion is brewing—a new Scooby gang for Buffy, led by a secret leader. 

Can this familiar face, along with Buffy and the rebellion, turn the tide by bringing back the sun through science… and possibly even magic? The Multiverse explodes in a dystopian tale of Buffy Summers as you’ve never seen her before!’ 

Collects Buffy The Last Vampire Slayer #1-4.

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