Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Here’s you weekend selection, in no particular order, of the more popular posts from the past week:

  1. San Diego Comic Con is back with us next week and Scott Snyder and comiXology’s joint plans were the most popular SDCC item we posted. Read up on their plans here.
  2. Following up on that was IDW Publishing’s plans, which you can browse here.
  3. Rachel Bellwoar reviews the new HBO Max documentary series, The Last Movie Stars here.
  4. David Avallone discussed the thought process and Easter Eggs behind Elvira in Horrorland #2 here.
  5. Anton Kromoff brought us another interview from the world of table top RPG this week. Read his interview with dice maker Lauren here.
  6. Anton also previewed new RPG rulebook Dark Archive here.
  7. We got another Retcon, Reboots and Resurrections from Scott Redmond last weekend, looking back at the Ultimate Universe’s Wolverine. Read all about it here.
  8. And, while a day later than normal, Richard Bruton’s Art for Art’s Sake is the second regular column making this week’s list. Gaze over the amazing collection of art here.
  9. Tito W James brought you the debut video from League of Legends, as sung by Porter Robinson here.
  10. And finally, only yesterday I brought you the news that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Junkyard Joe #1 will help benefit war veterans here.

And that about wraps it up. Except for a little something extra I like to include from time to time. And this week I give you the trailer to the forthcoming remake of The Munsters which dropped a couple of days ago and brought you by Rob Zombie:

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