Square Enix Introduces ‘The Leads Of Star Ocean: The Divine Force’

by Sage Ashford

With Star Ocean: The Divine Force getting closer to release, Square-Enix has begun releasing character trailers for the game’s playable cast. First up are the game’s male and female leads, Raymond Lawrence and Laeticia Aucerius. At the start of the game either protagonist can be selected by the player, and the game’s story will unfold through that protagonist’s eyes.

Raymond is described by Square as “the captain of the merchant vessel Ydas, who often sees him rushing recklessly into situations when it comes to his friends and work, much to the distress of his crew.

Laeticia is described as “Princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius with radiant and resolute personality and remarkable skills with dual blades.”

Star Ocean: The Divine Force releases October 27th for Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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