Previewing ‘Deadpool: Bad Blood’ #3 By Rob Liefeld, Chad Sims And Chris Bowers

by Olly MacNamee

Written by: Chris Sims, Rob Liefeld
Art by: Chad Bowers, Rob Liefeld

“Thumper was supposed to be Canada’s answer to the Winter Soldier, a programmable killing machine who can assassinate any target! There’s only one problem: On each mission, he goes rogue and hunts down Deadpool instead! That’s bad news for Canada—and even worse news for Wade Wilson, who’s no fan of the near-fatal beatings that Thumper administers every chance he gets! Now, with old pal Garrison Kane by his side, Deadpool faces the ultimate rematch against Thumper—but can he survive long enough to learn the truth about his single-minded nemesis?”

Deadpool: Bad Blood #3 is out Wednesday 20th July from Marvel

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