Advance Review: The Monster To The Rescue In `Frankenstein: New World’ #1

by Tom Smithyman


A post-apocalyptic world in danger turns to Frankenstein for help. Frank isn’t looking for help, but finds it anyway in the form of a young traveling buddy. This first issue has more exposition than action, though there is some great imagery.


When the world goes to pot, turn to Frankenstein.

The venerable monster returns to the Mignolaverse, this time as its hero. The world has been largely destroyed thanks to the events of Ranga Rok. Only a handful of humans remain, safely existing in a subterranean ecosystem. They worship Frank’s unmoving body, hoping to gain wisdom from their oracle.

Most of them do, anyway. Lilja, a precocious child, likes to visit the monster in a forbidden temple and tell her about the dreams she has of a woman trapped in a crystal on the surface. This woman somehow is supposed to bring about a new cataclysm. As if the last one wasn’t bad enough. So the heroic monster sets out to the surface world, with the unwelcome kid in tow. It’s the stuff of buddy movies.

The superstar team of Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski pen this four-part limited series with Peter Bergting handling the artist responsibilities. Bergting does his best to capture Mignola’s unique style, and usually succeeds. After all, this isn’t the Boris Karloff or Lon Chaney Jr. version of the character, but rather a shaman of sorts who is on a quest to save the world. He looks less like a cobbled together selection of human parts than a reanimated man (courtesy of the reinterpreted bolts around his neck) in need of a haircut.

At this point, the story is all about introducing us to the two main characters while setting up the danger that threatens the land. There is no real conflict yet, save for some squabbling among the surviving humans. And this initial installment ends with just a vague threat of the evil that’s ahead. It doesn’t provide much of an incentive for readers to pick up the next issue.

Frankenstein: New World #1 will be available for purchase on August 3, 2022.

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