Fans Vote In Quicksilver As Summoner’s Choice In ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Kabam has once again given their fans the opportunity to select the newest character for Marvel Contest of Champions. They have responded by making the speedster, Quicksilver, as the Summoner’s Choice. Also joining him this month is Galan. See what the mobile brawler has in store for August in the preview below.

At Lord Odin’s behest, Carina calls upon The Summoner to recover The Cosmic Seed. A lost Asgardian relic of dire consequence, capable of birthing a new Worldtree here in The Battlerealm. After being provided a few clues, The Summoner sets out to The Quantumrealm where they encounter Quicksilver battling The Silver Surfer. After The Summoner breaks up the fight, The Surfer slips away to confront the mysterious Galan. Who stole The Cosmic Seed from Asgard? What does it have to do with Quicksilver? Who, or what is Galan? Find out this month in Worldheart!

Additionly, the game is running a special promotion tied with the Marvel Studios release of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law later this month. Starting on August 17 until September 28, any new or returning player who download and login will receive She-Hulk to use for free.

To get to know the latest additions of Quicksilver and Galan, check out their bios below followed by the reveal trailer titled “Worldheart.”

Pietro Maximoff and his sister were abducted by the High Evolutionary as babies and suffered a series of unethical experiments that granted them powers disguised as an X-Gene mutation. As a result, he developed Super Speed powers that allowed him to take on the super hero life.

The sole survivor of a dying cosmos, Galan was fused to the sentience of a newborn universe and metamorphosed into Galactus, the devourer of worlds. After emerging from his cosmic cocoon, he consumed a nearby planet to quench his hunger, killing billions of sentient beings in the process. Overcome by immense guilt, Galan refused his role as a cosmic predator and chose to live the existence of a simple farmer, growing his own nourishment in his “Planet Nursery” in the Quantum Fields of the Battlerealm.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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