Leonardo Romero Celebrates Marvel’s Latinx Heroes With New Variants

by Tony Thornley

September is Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month, and Marvel is celebrating with another entry in their popular Marvel Voices series. Outside of the special one-shot filled with Latin and Latinx voices, artist Leonardo Romero will be doing a series of covers featuring some of the most popular Latinx Marvel heroes.

Romero is best known for his work on Hawkeye and Shuri, and now he’s bringing his clean, expressive style to these six covers. They feature a variety of heroes from a variety of diverse backgrounds, showcasing the cultural richness of the Latinx and Hispanic communities.

Here’s who fans can see in the collection:

·       Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)

·       Araña

·       Nova (Sam Alexander)

·       Sunspot

·       America Chavez

·       Miles Morales

Check them out in the slideshow above, and pick them up starting next month!

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