The Spider-Verse Continues Drastic Changes In ‘Edge Of Spider-Verse’ #4 Preview

by Tony Thornley

Last week, we brought you a preview of the brand new heroes and returning favorites coming up in Edge Of Spider-Verse #3. Now we’re excited to look at the first pages from issue #4, featuring some of the most exciting new Spider-Heroes yet.


Shathra is moving through the Spider-Verse. Some of our heroes are fighting back. Others have been infected by her malicious powers. It’s all leading to the debut of Spider-Man #1 by Dan Slott & Mark Bagley later this year, in what promises to be a HUGE new chapter in the fabric of the Great Web of Life.

Here’s what fans can expect from the fourth issue in this exciting saga, Edge Of Spider-Verse #4, on sale September 21:

·       Spider-Ham returns to do what he does best—fight crime in the most unpredictable and entertaining way possible! And who’s his new friend? Find out in this thrilling tale by M.O.D.O.K. series co-creator Jordan Blum and artist Michael Shelfer.

·       A Spider-Hero unlike any other makes her dazzling debut! Meet Spinstress, a Spider-Princess who sings, talks to spiders and kicks villainous butt throughout her kingdom! David Hein, writer of the Broadway smash hit Come From Away, brings her to life alongside amazing artist Luciano Vecchio. Check out her stunning design by Helen Chen, the artist and production designer known for her work with Walt Disney Animation Studios on films like Raya and the Last Dragon, Wreck-It Ralph, and Big Hero 6!

·       More than just an awesome vehicle, Spider-Mobile is a super hero all on its own! See this iconic car’s first solo adventure in a story by Spider-Verse architect Dan Slott and Eisner Award winning artist Ty Templeton!

·       The amazing Sun-Spider who debuted in 2020’s Spider-Verse miniseries as a winner of Marvel’s Spidersona contest gets her own story written by Bingo Love creator Tee Franklin in her Marvel Comics debut alongside fellow rising star Jethro Morales!

Check out the preview pages here and pick up the issue on September 21st!

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