Kickstarting Comics: ‘Gravestown’ #4 – The Final Part Of This Fabulous Fantasy

by Richard Bruton

The fourth and final part of Gravestown’s first arc by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks is funding right now on Kickstarter – time to get onboard with a great fantasy adventure!

Gravestown #4 cover – art by Vincent Danks

By now, you’ll know all about Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks’ work, as I’ve long championed their work, both on Gravestown and on their excellent police procedural Harker.

We’re now onto the Kickstarter for issue 4 of Gravestown, their fabulous fantasy comic that we’ve been featuring here at Comicon for a while. Issue 4 continues the storyline of the smart and sexy Emma who’s found herself lost and trapped in the mysterious world of Gravestown – full of vampires, faeries, aliens, and all manner of strangeness.

Gravestown #4 art by Vincent Danks

Issue 4 has a full 28-page story by Gibson and Danks concluding this first season as well as an 8-page coda from new artist Andrew Richmond, plus four pages of extra content from Gibson about the future of Gravestown and the other new series coming from Ariel Press.

Gravestown #4 – art from the 9-page coda by Andrew Richmond

And if you’re not convinced yet, here’s just a little of what I had to say of issue 1…

“The new horror fantasy from the creators of Harker, Gravestown by Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks does a magnificent job of setting up something creepy, and weird, and very strange. A perfect first issue that builds up the tension and reveals just enough to entice you in, perfectly paced, great dialogue, and Danks’ art just looks stunning on every page.”

And then there’s this on issue 2…

“From haunted house horror of issue 1 to strange new world of issue 2, ‘Gravestown’ switches things up and takes our heroine (and us) on a little trip around the place. Clever, well-observed, with a natural warmth and humour in the dialogue, and oh so beautifully drawn, ‘Gravestown’ #2 sees Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks taking us deeper into a perfectly pitched fantasy horror.”

And if I’d been on the ball, there’d be a quote from the review of issue 3 here, except nope, managed to miss the date for getting that out. Apologies, expect to see it here soon.

More interior art from Gravestown #4 by Vincent Danks

Anyway, Gravestown #4 is up on Kickstarter right now. It’s got the usual sort of tiers – digital and print versions of Gravestown #4 along with free digital copies of Vince Dank’s Sapphire: Secret Chamber, and a free postcard drawn by Danks, showing the cover of the unreleased Titan version of Gravestown issue one. There’s a chance to get hold of issues 1-3 if you’ve missed them by adding them on to your pledge, and there are stretch goals and extras including an issue 4 Kickstarter exclusive art print from Danks, an art print from series colourist Andrew Richmond, promoting issue five and an art print promoting issue seven, drawn by Mark Wayne Barrett and a bookplate reward signed by Vince and Roger. Then there’s the journal reward tier, featuring two exclusive, large-sized pages of additional content showing us Emma’s journal and building up across the Kickstarters to form a detailed illustrated bestiary of Gravestown inhabitants.

Frankly, it’s a wonderful series, full of fantasy and fun, with gorgeous artwork from Vince Danks and the sort of cleverly funny and witty dialogue I’ve come to really enjoy over the years from Gibson. If you haven’t already, get on board for a great fantasy series!

Gravestown Issue 4 is funding on Kickstarter until 28th September 2022.

Now, more art from the series… beginning with more interior art from Gravestown #4 by Vincent Danks

The free postcard by Danks for all pledges…

Art print stretch goal from Vincent Danks…

Art print stretch goal by Andrew Richmond –

Art print stretch goal by Mark Wayne Barrett –

Bookplate reward – art by Danks –

And covers to issue 1-3, all available as add-ons – so you don’t have to miss a moment of this great series!

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