Dynamite Announces Complete ‘Gargoyles’ Creative Team

by Erik Amaya

Yesterday, Dynamite revealed the cover art for its upcoming Gargoyles comic book series. Today, they continue to offer word of the project by announcing the complete creative team. Joining writer and series creator Greg Weisman is artist George Kambadais, who brings his perspective to the Gargoyles universe — check out his work in the gallery below — and letterer Jeff Eckleberry.

“I literally can’t articulate how thrilled I am to be writing Gargoyles stories again, both for returning fans and newcomers,” Weisman said in a statement. “It’s just a joy to be exploring a world populated by Goliath, the entire Manhattan Clan, all their friends, and every single one of their enemies. I’ve been wanting to get back to these characters for some time now and having this opportunity rocks! (Pun intended).”

“I still remember waking up all excited, flustered even, every Saturday and Sunday morning to catch the next episodes,” Kambadais added. “I just loved them. Goliath was the coolest dude and the rest of the clan were SO… MUCH… FUN.”

The original animated series ran from 1994 to 1997 and featured “stone creatures who patrol New York City as night-time guardians” voiced by people like Keith David, Marina Siritis, and Ed Asner. Initially airing as part of the Disney Afternoon lineup, it represented a shift in tone for the block as the stories were more serious and more serialized with the Gargoyles acclimating to the 20th Century while facing old foes and new challenges. The new comic book will pick up as a new “season” while still forming a jumping-on point for newcomers. As teased by Dynamite, the first issue will see the Manhattan Clan — Goliath, Demona, Angela, Elisa, Brooklym, Broadway, Lexington, Bronx– beginning “to go their own ways” and meeting some new characters. Their bonds will be tested, of course, when “nefarious factions from across Manhattan attempt to disrupt the peace and harmony of the city.”

It all starts when Gargoyles hits comic book store shelves on December 7th.

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