‘Seven Knights 2’ Gains New Characters, PvE Content and Events

by Gary Catig

The mobile role-playing game, Seven Knights 2 is receiving another update containing fresh additions for players to enjoy. It will feature new characters, PvE content, and fun events.

The first of the new heroes is Kyle (Legendary+). Also known as the Chains of Vengeance, he is an Attack-type character with powerful skills using his signature weapon: chains. He can inflict great damage to opponents through the Branding effect. In addition, when defeating an enemy Kyle receives stealth reducing damage received.

The other is Architect of Despair Bai Jiao (Legendary). He is a Universal type character who has the skill to control enemies’ actions.

Also in the update is a new PvE content Maze of Trials where Heroes themselves appear as enemies to test the Commander. Players can also purchase valuable items like Moon Stone through collecting Maze Shards and Maze Fragments.

From now until September 28, you have the chance to participate in in-game events for added rewards including:

  • Maple craft event: Players can make Legendary+ weapons and Legendary armors by collecting maple leaves and golden maple leaves that are dropped from Field Exploration.
  • Play bonus for Maze of Trials: To commemorate the Maze of Trials update, players can earn up to 50% more rewards just by playing the content during the event period.
  • Daily mission boost event: Players who complete daily missions during the event period will receive double rewards.

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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