Review Round Up: Rounding Up All Last Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

We’ve got quite a few reviews to share with you this weekend, from myself, Scott Redmond, Tony Thornley and Tom Smithyman. And, here they all are:

Scott Redmond looked over the following comic books:

  1. Detective Comics Vol 3: Arkham Rising (DC Comics)
  2. Poison Ivy #4 (DC Comics)
  3. What If… Miles Morales TPD (Marvel)
  4. Black Panther #9 (Marvel)
  5. Wolverine #24 (Marvel)
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #132 (IDW Publishing)

Tom Smithyman reviewed the following books:

  1. Star Trek: Lower Deck #1 (IDW Publishing)
  2. There’s Something Wrong About Patrick Todd #3 (AfterShock Comics)
  3. The Silver Coin #14 (Image Comics)

Meanwhile, I took a look at the following:

  1. Once & Future #29 (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Prodigy: The Icarus Society #3 (Image Comics)
  3. Fantastic Four: Full Circle (Marvel)

Finally, Tony Thornley reviewed these titles:

  1. Batman #127 (DC Comics)
  2. Batman vs. Robin #1 (DC Comics)
  3. New Mutant #29 (Marvel)

And, that’s your lot. Any in there you’re reading? Any there you may pick up, or even avoid?

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