House Of X: Previewing This Week’s ‘X-Men’ Titles

by Olly MacNamee

We have five new comic book previews to share with you today in what is a busy week for the X-Men. And all out Wednesday 21st September from Marvel.

Legion of X #5

Written by: Simon Spurrier
Art by: Jan Bazaldua, Federico Blee

“POWER IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER! SKINJACKER TRIUMPHANT! The bodysnatcher-supreme rampages through Legion’s mind… A HORNED GOD OF MISCHIEF! Nightcrawler discovers the identity of the fugitive deity at last… CONSPIRACY ON MARS! Weaponless Zsen slashes open the awful truth… AND IT ALL CRASHES TOGETHER. P.S. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more breathless…here comes ORA SERRATA. And she SEES. THROUGH. YOU.”

Cover by: Matt Wilson, Dike Ruan

New Mutants #30

Written by: Vita Ayala, Alyssa Wong
Art by: Geoff Shaw, Emma Kubert, Alex Lins, Jason Loo, Justin Mason, Roberto Poggi, Nolan Woodard, Antonio Fabela, Bryan Valenza

“CELEBRATE THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF X-MEN’S YOUTHFUL MISFITS! Throughout the past forty years, NEW MUTANTS has remained a timeless yet contemporary voice for the marginalized youth who must grow up in a harsh, cruel world. In this supersized issue, Vita Ayala, Rod Reis and more craft a mosaic love letter dedicated to the mutant youngsters who have become the beacon and hope of a new generation of X-Men. Commemorating classic and new characters alike, this collection of shorts celebrates four decades’ worth of the joys and tribulations of being young, brave and gifted in the world of X. The issue will also feature a fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool short by special guest writer Alyssa Wong.”

Cover by: David Curiel, Rafael de Latorre

X-Men Legends #2

Written by: Roy Thomas
Art by: Dave Wachter

“WOLVERINE…VERSUS THE X-MEN?! Department H has sent their operative WEAPON X, A.K.A. WOLVERINE, on a mission to retrieve “dangerous individuals”—who just so happen to be mutants known as the X-MEN! But what sinister forces are moving the mutants against each other, and how does it play into Wolverine’s eventual membership on the team? At last—X-Men and Marvel legend Roy Thomas reveals a missing link between Wolverine’s appearance in HULK #181 and joining the X-Men in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN!”

Cover by: Kaare Andrews

X-Men Green #2

Written by: Gerry Duggan
Art by: Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg

“GOING GREEN! Nature Girl. Curse. Sauron. A dog. With the planet hanging in the balance, these few take up arms to ask “How far is too far to save us?” Can Logan answer the question before it’s too late? The conclusion of the hit story from Marvel Unlimited—in print for the first time with exclusive bonus content!”

Cover by: Emilio Laiso, Rachelle Rosenberg

X-Terminators #1

Written by: Leah Williams
Art by: Carlos Gomez, Bryan Valenza

“ENTER THE GRINDHOUSE OF X! When Jubilee and Boom-Boom agree to take Dazzler out for a night on the town to console her after her nasty breakup, they have no idea they’re about to be kidnapped and put into elaborate death traps for their efforts! What are three girls with the power to blow things up to do? Leah Williams and Carlos Gómez put the X in eXploitation in this tale of blood, sweat and REVENGE!”

Cover by: Federico Vicentini

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