Media Do International Announces New Digital Manga From VAST Visual And Saturday AM

by Tito W. James

Japan’s largest eBook distribution company, Media Do International will be expanding their digital catalogue of Manga with new titles from publishers VAST Visual and Saturday AM.  Saturday Am hosts a diverse Shonen anthology featuring comics from rising creators. This new deal marks a bold step in American Manga distribution. The upcoming titles from Media Do are featured below.

Tokyo Interstellar Immigration

Created by Mado Guchimoto, Tokyo Interstellar Immigration is about two dapper high school girls who hunt down aliens for Japan’s cosmic border patrol team to keep Planet Earth safe.

Paranoia Cage

Created by Coolkyousinnjya (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) Paranoia Cage follows Mizuki, an adult manga artist (and a virgin) and her assistant (and BL author) Saki, on their unending quest to create the ultimate adult manga. Even Mizuki’s new editor can’t stop himself from shrinking in the face of this font of infinite lewdness…

Apple Black

Created by Odunze Oguguo, Apple Black takes place in a world where humans acquired fruits called “Black” from a tree that descended from the skies, which turned humans into sorcerers. The story centers on a young sorcerer named Sano who’s blessed by the god of sorcery, Merlin. Sano ventures out to train with other talented magic-users just as evil forces that have plagued Eden emerge once again to threaten the world.


Created by Jeyodin, Hammer is about a fourteen-year-old boy named Stud whose father regularly abandons him on expeditions that the father catalogs in his journals. Having to fend for himself, Stud isn’t like most kids—he can turn his hands into hammers! Then Stud gets sucked into one of his father’s journals down into an ocean kingdom grappling with the murder of its king. Can Stud use his hammer hands to solve the case?

Oblivion Rouge

Created by Pap Souleye Fall, Oblivion Rouge follows the career of a young teenage villager named Oumi as she becomes embroiled in a conflict that threatens a futuristic Africa and the world itself. With an all-African cast, Oblivion Rouge stems from the roots of West African philosophy. It is both a brutal dystopian depiction of the future and a beautiful adventure that explores the depth of the human spirit.


Created by Seny, Saigami is about a girl named Hanasaki Ayumi who can’t quite find her place in the world with every day being one of emptiness and loneliness. But one day, she receives a mysterious letter, and everything changes. Finding herself in a frightening new world full of unexpected adventures and fanciful characters, she joins in the journey of two adventure-seeking young men. Hoping that she’ll find a way home, Ayumi soon realizes that the more time she spends in this strange, new world, the more she gets tangled up within it and the greatest questions of all: Who is she and where does she belong?

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