Corrected Version Of Scout Comics’ ‘Azza The Barbed’ #1 Will Ship With Issue #2 Next Month

by Brendan M. Allen

September 21, 2022 saw the premiere of Scout Comics’ Azza the Barbed, a new fantasy epic written by Pat Shand with artwork by Rio Burton and lettering by Jim Campbell, or at some of the lettering.  The issue was printed in error with the second half of the book missing all of Jim’s work.  This was not a new avant-garde approach to storytelling. It was a publisher error. 

A new printing of Azza the Barbed #1 is already in production and will be released simultaneously with the second issue of the fantasy adventure series.  Retailers are being asked to destroy the existing copies, but collectors may still be able to find some copies in stores.

The series tells the story of Azza, who was born into a family that served in the Obsidian Guard for generations. During Azza’s Coronation, a magical ceremony that would imbue her with a holy glowing power, something went wrong. Instead of the sacred Obsidian tattoos, she became disfigured with thorned, black markings and was banished by her people. 

Now, Azza lives in solitude guarding a great evil…but when that evil escapes and begins to spread its wicked power, Azza must make a choice: save the people that expelled her or allow her home town to fall to darkness. With an emotional, comedic, and awe-inspiring story of empowerment, Azza the Barbed blends fantasy, adventure, mythology, horror, and action.

The adventure continues on October 19, 2022 with the release of the corrected version of #1 and the new chapter #2 being released simultaneously. 

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