NYCC 2022: Fueling Up At The Food Trucks

by Tom Smithyman

With tens of thousands of fans packing into the Javits Center every day, finding something to eat that doesn’t take a few hours can be a challenge. (Forget finding anything reasonably priced. This is New York City, people!) Inside the convention center, con-goers have the usual choice of chicken fingers, pizza, and burgers.

But step outside the glass doors of the Crystal Palace and you will be treated to all manner of cuisines, from Japanese-inspired tacos to Philly cheesesteaks to gourmet mac and cheese thanks to the ever-popular food trucks. These mobile kitchens are so popular that some of their lines stretch longer than the ones inside Javits. (Except Starbucks. That line is always ridiculous!)

Again, with nachos that cost $15 and whole pizzas going for $35, you’re not going to find a bargain here. But at least hungry conventioneers can get something a little different and catch a break from the stagnant air inside Javits.



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