Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #9 Answers Questions While Leaving Mysteries

by Benjamin Hall


Two discs that can bring about the final moments of the world exist. The Awakened have one of these discs. While the other is still being sought by The Awakened and their enemies. Who will get both discs first?


Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark handle the main story. While writer Jana Tropper provides the back-up story. Higgins and Clark arguably get the easier task due to not having to use exposition to create mental images. However, the complete lack of art for this issue’s back-up story makes it look like a document on a computer. As far as the actual stories go they are both relatively good. Yet, the first story has some problematic framing, plus some information dumping. Thus, while both stories competently give the reader new answers to questions they are lacking in structural quality.

Ordinary Gods #9 (2022) cover art by Felipe Watanabe and colors by Frank William

Letterer Clayton Cowles does a great job at muddling the visibility of certain text to suggest a problem with hearing it. Cowles also does a fine job when it comes to positioning the anchors and word balloons.

Colorist Frank William does a great job with the various skin pigmentations on the cover and in the interiors. Though some of the colors of the clothes clash a bit with the color of the logo. Yet, this is not to a point where the work of William, or logo designer Rich Bloom, sees a significant negative impact. On the plus side, William provides a nice range of hues in the interiors. Most notable is how William’s work on both the cover and interiors adds some weight and texture to artists Felipe Watanabe and Daniel HDR’s respective works.

Watanabe work on the cover seemingly has less even line work than HDR’s work on the interiors. Nevertheless, both artists produce high quality visuals. For example Watanabe does great at texture and facial expressions. While HDR provides some brilliant action sequences with the help of a flashback. Speaking of visuals, production artist Rich Fowlks, with presumable assistance by editor/designer Michael Busuttil, creates some great breaks in this issue.

Ordinary Gods #9 is out now from Image COMICS.

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