Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

With NYCC last weekend it comes as no surprise to me, at least, that this week’s list is dominated by our coverage. See for yourself below:

  1. First we have Tom Smithyman’s look at the food trucks at NYCC here.
  2. Tom also regaled us with a new art purchase here.
  3. Brendan M Allen posted a rather scathing report on NYCC parent company Reed Pop not following its own mask policy here. And as a result it really affected his ability to attend panels and report back in the manner he had hoped.
  4. But, thankfully, he was able to report on the Capes for Cos panel here.
  5. Moving away from our very personalised coverage of NYCC we also had Frank Martin’s most recent review for The Handmaid’s Tale here.
  6. Tow previews to share with now: First up, Once & Future #30 (featuring a round table interview by yours truly!) from BOOM! Studios can be seen here.
  7. And then we have Tony Thornley who gave us an early look at Fantastic Four #1 here.
  8. Meanwhile, Rachel Bellwoar brought us an exclusive trailer for Niki Fix’s Time Mix podcast here.
  9. And, she also interviewed Night of the Belfry creator, Xavier Saxon, here.
  10. Finally, we got another exclusive Writer’s Commentary courtesy of our friends at Dynamite Comics. This week Steven E De Souza discusses Sheena: Queen of the Jungle #9 here.

A rather robust list with a good deal to dig into. Especially if you love comics. Which I suspect you do if you’ve found yourselves here.

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