Marvel’s ‘Dark Web’ Debuts A First Look Trailer For Spider-Man/X-Men Event Of The Year

by Tony Thornley

Madelyn Pryor and Ben Reilly are about the change the world of both Spider-Man and the X-Men forever. Dark Web promises to be as big as its predecessor, Inferno, and we can’t wait.

Debuting last week at New York Comic Con, the trailer gives a look at interior art Dark Web, Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Web: X-Men, Dark Web: Ms. Marvel and more! It looks like one hell of a Christmas for our heroes, and that’s already making it scarier for our heroes.

The story begins with Dark Web: Dusk from Zeb Wells and Adam Kubert in December and runs through the winter. Watch for more news about the series as it comes, and be sure to pick up Dark Web all throughout this winter!

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