SWAG Adventures: The Lightbox Expo 2022 Edition

by Gary Catig

LightBox Expo is an event that celebrates the visual arts, which include animation, video games, and even comics. The gathering might not have the same popularity as San Diego Comic-Con or D23 Expo, but it does attract some high-profile studios in the field such as Netflix, DreamWorks, and others. Even for a smaller show there were was a good amount of SWAG to collect this year.

I picked up a couple posters for comic related projects. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is an upcoming animated series arriving to Disney Channel this February centered around one of Marvel’s brilliant minds, Lunella Lafayette. Although, this might be the same one handed out during New York Comic Con. Then, at the Marvel Studios Visual Development panel, the audience was given a poster for the recent Werewolf by Night special autographed by artist Ian Joyner.


LightBox Expo has a very industry feel with many of the attendees networking and trying to find employment. So, the giveaways from the studios leaned more towards what you can find at a job fair such as pens and post-it notes. However, their sticker, pin and button game were pretty strong. Disney had a presence through the aforementioned Marvel Studios and Disney Television Animation. Much of their stuff was just emblazoned with their respective logos, but it included pop sockets as well.

Warner Bros Discovery had both Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network Studios representing the media company. They handed out a Harley Quinn pin from her HBO Max show, and keychain trinkets featuring Daffy Duck and one of my favorites, Craig of the Creek.

Netflix included items from the recent Entergalactic as well as The Cuphead Show!.

Finally, Bento Box Entertainment had a whole collection of stickers from their various series but I could only snag ones for HouseBroken, Krapopolis and The Great North.

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