DC Fandome: Martha Kane Is Expecting In ‘Pennyworth’ Season 2

by Rachel Bellwoar

While getting the panel to load was a bit of an obstacle, DC FanDome’s Pennyworth panel delivered some big news. As previously reported, Lucius Fox will be joining the series in Season 2 (though still no word yet on who will be playing the DC character). Ben Aldridge (who plays Thomas Wayne) revealed that in Season 1, they filmed two different endings to “Julie Christie,” the episode in which Thomas almost killed Jason Ripper (Freddy Carter). In the other ending, Thomas would’ve been a murderer.
The biggest news of the panel, though, has to be that Martha (Emma Paetz) will be pregnant in the second season. Now, executive producer and show creator Bruno Heller’s exact words were “Martha gets pregnant” so it’s possible she might not be pregnant when the season begins, but could that mean baby Bruce Wayne will be joining the series soon?
If Thomas Wayne’s the father, he might be.
Unfortunately, the new season of Pennyworth is still “nonexistent,” to use Jack Bannon’s word from a quick-fire question round, but filming has started again so the series will be returning eventually.
You can still watch the DC Fandome panel until 1 PM EST tomorrow on the DC Fandome web-site.

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