‘Purgatori Must Die!’ This January

by Erik Amaya

Purgatori, Dynamite’s ancient vampire/demoness has accrued many enemies, mortal and beyond, across her thousands of years of scheming and adventuring. But her upcoming plot may be the end as Dynamite announced on Thursday the upcoming series Purgatori Must Die! from writer Ray Fawkes, artist Alvaro Sarraseca, colorist Salvatore Aiala and letterer Tom Napolitano.

As the story opens, the character’s ability to restrain her power has been slipping. Beyond draining the blood of her victims, she also begins to obtain their talents, powers, and even scraps of their memories. And as her mind continues to fracture, she moves onto a new class of prey: the gods themselves. With the various pantheons worried, they offer up a huge bounty for her head. According to the company, “this third act of the Purgatori saga brings together a who’s who of Purgatori’s nemeses and erstwhile allies from across the Chaos! and Dynamite mythos. Fans can look for Vampirella, Evil Ernie, the Sacred Six, and plenty more to crash the party.”

In a statement, Fawkes said, “Everything I’ve ever written about Purgatori has been building to this story — the ultimate, no-holds barred war that she’s been itching for over two thousand years. Now it’s finally happening! If she’s gotta go, you know she’s gonna go out with a bang!”

Variant covers supporting the first issue include contributions from Sarraseca, Collette Turner, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Antonio Fuso.

Purgatori Must Die! #1 is scheduled for release in January.

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