Two New Spooky Stories Hit Marvel Unlimited Just In Time For Halloween

by Tony Thornley

Marvel Unlimited continues to prove itself as one of the prime locations for original digital stories on the web. This week, two new spooky stories launched just in time for Halloween.

Spider-Verse Unlimited and Strange Tales: Ghost Rider both are available now on Take a look at the solicitation below and check them both out if you need more scares in your life.

Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic #21

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Gustavo Duarte

Editor: Sarah Brunstad

Master storyteller Gustavo Duarte writes and draws a spook-tacular Spidey tale!

Strange Tales: Ghost Rider  #1

Writer: Rich Douek

Artist: Ramón F. Bachs

Colorist: Java Tartaglia

Editor: Mark Basso

 On a lonely highway, Johnny Blaze faces some of his worst fears – the other Ghost Riders, Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes! Who will come out on top in a knock-down, drag-out battle between Riders?

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