Thought Bubble 2022: The Britpop Band That Never Was Returns In ‘Geezer’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

One of the fun finds of last year’s Thought Bubble was the ash-can edition of Geezer #1 by writer Will Potter and artist Philip Bond. A make believe band from the glory days of Britpop when the likes of Oasis, Blur, Suede and more ruled the airways. And, as I informed you at the time, Will Potter was himself a part of the scene as a member of CUD. A band that’s still going strong today and currently touring the UK.

Well, it was good to see that plans are afoot for a second issue, with Potter giving away a second ashcan at this year’s Thought Bubble, at the Off Register table. Another humorous take on the sex, drugs and rock and roll rollicking antics of this heady era. A comic somewhat based on events no doubt witnessed by Potter and his band mates, but with a good deal of poetic license. And this time round, Martin Bland and his band, the eponymous Geezer, try and break America, as they support their arch-rivals, Clobber.

I must confess to loving the irreverent and anarchic fun of the first issue, so I’m all up for the further adventures of a band that almost made it. And, if you too enjoyed the debut issue, or want in on the party, you can buy the first issue here (UK) and here (USA). And, keep an eye out for news on the sophomore issue by checking in with from time to time too.

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