Advance Review: Not All Bad Guys Are From Hell In `The Roadie’ #3

by Tom Smithyman


While there’s some action and a few demons in this issue, the story takes a little pause to give some character background. It seems a little late in the limited series to give us this information, largely because it takes away from some of the amazing artwork we’re used to seeing from Fran Galan.


It always helps to know your enemy.

During a fierce battle In The Roadie #3, Joe D. tries to banish the attackers back to Hell, only to find out they aren’t actually demons but rather a ticked off Facebook group. Six of one…

It’s a clever moment, with churned from writer Tim Seeley’s sardonic mind. The series’ premise is hilarious by itself – a roadie for 1980s hair bands spent a good chunk of his time on the road dispelling demons that the rockers accidently summoned. Now Joe finds out that he has a daughter with a female demon, while yet another hellspawn is trying to capture her so he can rule Hell.

Joe isn’t so sure that the stalked Shelby is even his. But that’s not stopping the hoards of Hell and Facebook from going after her.

Unfortunately, much of this installment gets bogged down in backstory – mainly Joe’s. It’s probably a little more than we need, especially that it comes in the penultimate issue of this limited series. It’s good to understand where he comes from, but it’s a bit more than we need, especially when he could be fighting demons.

That doesn’t much for artist Fran Galan to sink his teeth into. Previous issues saw Galan have a lot of fun – a just a little perverse pleasure – drawing the hell out of these demons. We see a few this time around, but much more of the issue is spent on father-daughter bonding, with a little human vs. human fighting. While it makes for a more fleshed out story, Galan’s great drawings help to sell the book.

With only one issue left, we’re likely to see more of his demented handiwork on display soon. It should be a fun battle and a strong end to an interesting series.

The Roadie #3 will be available for purchase on November 30, 2022.


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