A Story Of Two Halves – Reviewing ‘American Jesus: Revelation’ #2

by Olly MacNamee


The world stand at the abyss and the evil architect of a potential new world order is having a crisis of conscience. That, and God walks the Earth and is taking names! 


On the cusp of a new world order with Satan sitting atop it all, and the President has gone A.W.O.L. And where does he end up? Taking a journey down memory lane and wishing for better, simpler times as he catches up with Father O’Higgins and confesses his sins. Who would have thought that the scourge of humanity, the Great Adversary himself, had his doubts for the coming apocalypse? It’s certainly a more solemn start that maybe readers would expect from Mark Millar, but it’s a moment that will weigh heavy on the reader. A scene to ponder and a scene that hints at the Devil spawn’s own spiritual turmoil. The quietness of the scene no doubt contrasts with what we can’t see, but can only imagine, within Jodie’s soul. 

And, it’s not the only contrast in this issue, as we also catch up with God herself too, taking a trip to the Vatican. And the magnificence and opulence of Vatican City is captured in all its glory by artist Peter Gross who labours in the minutiae to great effect. And, not for the first time, we are asked to ponder how the self-proclaimed emissaries of God can claim to represent the Holy Father while living in such decadence.

This is a very different type of writing from a writer often associated with over-the-top excess of all kinds. Y’know, like the type of excess we witnessed last issue. But, nonetheless we still get over-the-top, but framed in the context of celestial manifestation. This issue is definitely a story of two halves, and by the end of the second half you cannot help but feel a climax is coming. Well, with only one issue left, it better had be. 

American Jesus: Revelation #2 is out now from Image Comics

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