Webcomic Weekly: Lew Stringer’s ‘Tough Guy And Scruffy’

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly, always giving you some great comics content online… but maybe not so hot on the weekly bit of it. This time, the latest from Lew StringerTough Guy and Scruffy.

Remember when I told you about Lew’s great Barmy Comix?  Well now he’s bringing out another self-published digital collection for you to guffaw your way through – Tough Guy and Scruffy!

Collecting the 12 episodes of the strip from the short-lived Triffik! comic of 30 years ago, Tough Guy and Scruffy is available to you as a 32-page digital comic, free to download (but do the decent thing and donate when you download, eh?). Just like in Barmy Comix and Combat Colin; it’s all wonderfully daft comedy adventures going on, just with a silly superhero theme.


You can read and download the comic at this link. After which, Lew asks you nicely if you’d donate the cover price of £3 to him at his PayPal – lew.stringer@BTopenworld.com. Frankly, it’s the right thing to do dammit – the cost of a coffee for a damn fine read and a few great laughs – that’s a bargain.

As Lew says in his intro, for those who don’t know – and I include myself in this as until now I only had a vague memory of the name – Triffik was a short-lived comic that appeared in February 1992 and lasted a mere 12 weekly issues.

But now Lew’s grabbed the scans of the comic and put it all together in a new collection, including all 12 published strips and a final, brand-new Tough Guy and Scruffy adventure for the 21st Century!

So, here’s Tough Guy and his loyal assistant Scruffy – he’s a super-strong superhero and master of gadgetry with power zaps to turn villains to (literal) jelly, whereas Scruffy, well… mostly he just sorts out the messes Tough Guy gets himself into.  It’s packed with silly villains, ridiculous situations, stupid moments, and most importantly lots of laughs for you – and jelly. There’s a fair bit of jelly.


Once again – read and download the comic at this link. And then make sure you donate the cover price to Lew at his PayPal.


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