Jason Aaron’s Avengers Ends In April With ‘Avengers Assemble Omega’

by Tony Thornley

After five years, one of the biggest Avengers epics to date comes to a close this April in Avengers Assemble Omega.

Jason Aaron’s run has assembled one of the most powerful line-ups of Avengers in the franchise’s history. Now his multiverse and timeline spanning run is coming to a close in this massive special alongside longtime collaborators Javier Garron, Aaron Kuder, and Jim Towe as well as much more. 

“It’s definitely the right time to bring this all crashing together and finish some of the character arcs that I’ve been building for years now,” Aaron told Comic Book Resources. “We talked about what a big, epic war story this is. It’s got a lot of different characters punching each other and a lot of different versions of Avengers from throughout time and space. In the midst of all that, though, we have all the character moments, beats, and arcs that have been part of my run since Issue #1. So, one of the goals is to make sure we don’t lose all of that among all the fighting and crazy moments. There are some huge character beats to come at the end of this, and a lot of these characters are ones I’ve been working on in some form or another for more than a decade now. It does feel like the right time to wrap all of that up.”

Check out Kuder’s huge wraparound cover and be sure to pick it up on April 19th!

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