Art For Art’s Sake # 144 – Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na – Batmaaaaaan!

by Richard Bruton

Well, there’s a little film that’s just opened in the movie theatres… something to do with this man that dresses up as a Bat? Yeah, that one. So, in celebration, here’s the Art For Art’s Sake Batman Special.

David Mazzucchelli – but of course…

And Tim Sale… again, instantly recognisable…

Batman: Killing Time #3Greg Smallwood

Francesco Francavilla

Leonardo Romero

Christian Ward – “Not a real thing but it could be. Batman and Lovecraftian cosmic horror.”

Jorges Fornes

Batman Beyond – John Gallagher

James Stokoe

The wonderful George Perez

Riley Rossmo

Llane Lloyd – a li’l Riddler

Brian Bolland

And from inside that Secret Origins Special #1Neil Gaiman writes and Bernie Mireault draws the Riddler…

Some amazing Kevin Nowlan Batman artwork…

Man-Bat story from Secret Origins #39

Classic Batman – Jim Aparo

Iain Laurie – has been doing a load of these great Batmen pieces…

Including this classic John Byrne cover recreation commission –

And this particularly gruesome one…

Nick Derrington‘s been knocking it out of the park with these Batmen recently…

But we’ll end with the greatest of Batman artists – for me at least – Mike Parobeck. Taken from us way to early, but his incredible body of work lives on. His Batman Adventures work is just perfection. The style, the flow, the simplicity – sheer beauty…

And with The Batman coming out – here’s Batman Adventures #10 from 1993, ‘The Last Riddler Story’:


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