Creator Confessions: Utilizing Creator Bundles

by Frank Martin

Sometimes the best resources inside a creative community are the other creators in the same situation. It’s hard doing it all by yourself, which is why it helps to know there are others who are also out there trying to succeed. This assistance can come in many different forms, but one of the simplest is utilizing the bundle — teaming up with other creators to create a more enticing offer or product beyond just what you are able to offer by yourself.

A bundle is essentially what it sounds like: a group of products, typically not your own, that you can offer as an added bonus or incentive. For a prose project, this could typically be other novels or even short stories. For comics, this can be first issues in a series, typically something creators would offer for free anyway to give a taste or introduction into their work. Although it’s not necessary, having a theme or related genre linking all the works together helps. For instance, if you have a sci-fi comic, it makes sense to share a bundle of other sci-fi projects.

In terms of crowdfunding campaigns, bundles work great either as stretch goals that can be released upon hitting a certain funding percentage. They could also be offered as early reward incentives for people backing in the first couple days after launch. Bundles can be used as add-ons that are charged for, but it gets tricky when offering up somebody else’s work and getting money for it. On that front, it’s important to always have permission before sharing somebody’s work. Usually, creators make it known when they allow something to be shared and there is always the chance they may share your project because their own work is involved.

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