Sail The Seven Seas In Sim RPG ‘Sailing Era’

by Sage Ashford

Gamers hoping to traverse the seven seas can look forward to developer GY Games’ Sailing Era. Taking place during the 15th to the 17th century, Sailing Era focuses on the ocean exploration that defined the era.

Boasting a map with real-world scale, Sailing Era seems to be aiming for the cross-section of people who love maritime exploration and anime designs. Ships will deal with everything from pirate attacks to unpredictable winds as they travel across the ocean in search of new discovery.

Along the way, players will meet nearly two dozen talented sailing heroes, each with their own skills and traits to level up. They’ll also have to learn how to master trading at all the game’s ports, learning which goods are worth more or less depending on the area. They’ll also be able to develop different ports through trades and commissions, making them larger over time.

Sailing Era is out for PC on Epic Games Store and Steam, but will release for the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch this summer.

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