Review Round Up: All The Past Week’s Comic Book Reviews

by Olly MacNamee

Another good spread of titles reviewed this week with not one, but two reviews for DC Comics’ Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1. All coming from our dedicated team of reviewers.

Scott Redmond reviewed these comic book titles:

  1. Black Panther #15 (Marvel)
  2. Poison Ivy #10 (DC Comics)
  3. Detective Comics #1069 (DC Comics)

Tony Thornley reviewed the following:

  1. The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives #3 (DC Comics)
  2. Action Comics #1052 (DC Comics)
  3. Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 (DC Comics)

I reviewed these two titles:

  1. Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 (DC Comics)
  2. Black Tape #2 (AWA Upshot)

Brendan M Allen covered these books:

  1. Codename Ric Flair: Magic Eightball #1 (Scout Comics)
  2. Predator #1 (Marvel)

Tom Smithyman reviewed the following:

  1. Rogue Sun #11 (Image Comics)
  2. White Savior #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Also, Richard Bruton reviewed The Snowcat Princess (Oni Press) and Benjamin Hall covered Ordinary Gods #10 (Image Comics)

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