Kickstarting Comics: More Silly Stories From The Naughty Nineties Of Britpop With ‘Geezer’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

The hunger for Britpop is back and in a big way with nineties bands Pulp, Blur and more planning on touring this year. But, what about those also-ran bands, like Geezer, for example? Well, worry not, because while a fictional band like Geezer could never tour – they’re not real, remember? – that doesn’t stop us from a second helping of front man, Martin Bland, and his trials and tribulations, as he regals the reader once more with stories that may or may not be the real deal.

Here’s what to expect from this new second issue, launched as a Kickstarter, only today!

“On a Stateside tour to forget, ‘London’ Geezer grin and bare all in support of their arch-rivals Clobber. College towns and trousers down, singer Martin Bland flies the flag for beer and fags, losing his marbles and dignity on the highway. With Geezer’s ladette drummer Jess flirting with the opposition, Martin is green with envy and dodgy pills.

Plus! Revisit Geezer’s early struggles, ligging at Syndrome, audience-baiting at the Bull and Gate, all-star cameos, tequila slammers, and unexpected trysts.”

Writer Will Potter – who, as we’ve pointed out before is a member of nineties band Cud (touring later this year with The Boo Radleys, pop pickers) – and artist Phil Bond, both lived through the Britpop era and so what may or may not have be drawn from their own experiences of this hedonistic time, is anyone’s guess. But, whatever is fact or fiction, expect more irreverent, entertaining humour in Geezer #2.


“Writer WILLIAM POTTER was and is also the bass player for CUD, a Top 40 UK indie-pop band that collided with the Britpop scene in the early 90s. Following his collaboration with Philip Bond on the semi-autographical CUD: Rich and Strange strip for Black Crown Quarterly, he has used his mixed experiences in the music biz as inspiration for this tale of a cheeky chart chancer dipping into real events from the Britpop epoch.”

“Artist PHILIP BOND is a long-suffering comic artist with credits including Kill Your Boyfriend, Eve Stranger, and of course CUD: Rich and Strange with the aforementioned Potter. While his black-and-white ink drawings have proved popular across his Instagram feed and two Kickstarter collections, Geezer marks Philip’s triumphant return to sequential comics.”

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