Spidey Robs A Bank? Preview The Amazing Spider-Man #38 From Spencer, Coello And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

Not only do we get Spidey robbing a bank in a preview for this week’s The Amazing Spider-Man #38 but we all get the reason why he’s doing it too. And all in the first few pages by writer Nick Spencer, artist Iban Coello, colorist Brian Reber and letterer Joe Caramanga. All this and the Strat of J Jonah Jameson’s newest adventures in…  podcasting!?
Coming your way this Wednesday 22nd January to your friendly neighbourhood comic book store and digitally online.

• J. Jonah Jameson kicks off his new life as a podcast host and his first guest? SPIDER-MAN!
• JJJ and Spidey have been on pretty good terms for a while now, so it seems fitting that JJJ
needs to sabotage it and put the entire city in danger, right?
• Don’t miss “My Podcast with Jonah”!

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