Cullen Bunn And Arjuna Susini Unveil 48 Pages Of Fear In ‘Lamentation’ #1 This May

by Brendan M. Allen

Oni Press has revealed the first lettered look inside Lamentation #1, the double-sized, 48-page first issue from master of horror Cullen Bunn and rising star Arjuna Susini.

Oni stakes its claim to horror as Cullen Bunn returns with an all-new, high-stakes tale of tension, paranoia, and pain as a masked killer stalks the stars of a cursed stage play inside a haunted theater with a dark history all its own.

After weeks of grueling rehearsals, a new production is set to begin at the famed Requiem Theatre: Razide’s Lament, three acts of gothic horror set inside a haunted castle . . . with a story that some say is more than mere fantasy. 

Under the stern rule of a dedicated-but-temperamental director, the script seems to be ever-changing, and, more mysterious still, our lead actress has found herself cast in the role of a lifetime without so much as an audition. Her grand debut is fast approaching—and, with it, a barrage of razors in the night that will terrorize audiences and actors alike. There is no exit, no escape, and when the curtain finally rises, Razide himself will take center stage to cross the threshold into the unholy darkness that lies just beyond . . . 

Featuring covers by Maan House, Yanick Paquette, and Kyle Hotz, Lamentation #1 hits the spinner racks on Mat 3, 2023.

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