SDCC 2018: The Return Of A Classic & More At The Marvel X-Men Panel

by Gary Catig

One of Marvel’s most recognizable and popular superhero teams are the X-Men. On the last day of San Diego Comic Con, the publisher held a panel to interact with fans and preview what’s to come with everyone’s favorite mutants including interior art and covers. Editor-in-chief, CB Cebulski, moderated while creators Sina Grace, Matt Rosenberg, Tom Taylor, and Seanan McGuire were present to talk comics.

The first title they discussed was Extermination #1 from Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz. In this series, they hope to set things right with regards to the time disturbance in the universe. There will be death, birth, and rebirth.

Iceman will be returning and they brought back writer, Grace, for the series. The hero is an omega level mutant so he needs a significant villain to go head to head with. That is why Mister Sinister will be the big bad in the upcoming arc. Emma Frost will also be appearing starting in issue #2 and visually she should provide a good contrast of visuals with ice and diamonds.

For the next arc of X-Men Red, Carmen Carnero will be the new artist. Jean Grey is bringing right into the world by leading a new team. They will be protecting Atlantis from attack and Cassandra Nova will be the main antagonist in the next arc.

There will be a new creative team behind Laura Kinney, with Mariko Tamaki writing and Juann Cabal doing the art. People should notice the title has switched back to X-23 and should read the series to find out why.

Wolverine was killed four years ago by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven. The same creative team will be responsible for bringing him back in Return of Wolverine. Inspired by the Capcom video games, Soule decided to incorporate the hot claws when the mutant goes into an attacking frenzy. Persephone will be the main villain.

Coming off the events of X-Men Gold #30, will be Mr. & Mrs. X written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Oscar Bazaldua. Rogue and Gambit set off to space for an intergalactic honeymoon to escape all the madness. Unfortunately, trouble still finds them and hijinks galore occur.

During the next arc of X-Men Gold, we will focus on Storm as she spends time in Africa and Asgard.

Writing for Marvel for the first time, McGuire will pen the X-Men Gold Annual #2. This one off will tell the story of a 15-year-old Kitty Pryde going to summer camp as she tries to be a normal teen.

The heroes don’t receive all the attention. In October comes a month-long event with the title X-Men Black. Each issue will be a one off that focuses on a villain with a different creative team. Included in all five issues will be a connecting back story about Apocalypse. For her Mystique issue, McGuire considers the villainess the ultimate grifter and modeled her after Sophie Devereaux in Leverage.

There will be a Shatterstar series with Tim Seeley, Carlos Villa, and Gerardo Sandoval.

Rosenberg spoke about his current run on Astonishing X-Men. He wanted to create a team with the X-Men who have fallen from grace and are seeking redemption. The writer has a penchant for using former X-Factor characters so he has made Havoc co-leader of the team.

At the end of the panel, they teased the return of a new series. Coming back in the fall will be Uncanny X-Men.  No other details were given but expect information at a later date.

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