Inhumane Inputs — Obscure Speedruns: The Impossible Quiz 100%

by Jude Locke

The Impossible Quiz is a web-based point-and-click game created in 2007 and hosted on New Grounds. In this game you’ll answer an array of questions that make increasingly less sense the further along you get. Eventually, these multiple choice questions will even give way to logic tests, riddles, and tasks to do that vary from perfectly logical to utterly nonsensical. 

In celebration of this April Fools day I encourage all of you to try your hand at The Impossible Quiz. I find as I get older, I no longer participate in silly pranks such as rubber banding the spray nozzle on the sink. The Impossible Quiz lets you feel the same naivety, foolishness, irritation, and embarrassment through self infliction of its playthrough. 


The Impossible Quiz consists of 110 questions. While some questions result in automatic death from an incorrect input, many do not. For standard questions the quiz is a bit forgiving providing players 3 lives and thus 3 mistakes prior to receiving a game over. 

If you think this sounds rather simple, try your luck. The 100% category is the only one on for The Impossible Quiz and is currently held by minidanger13 who was able to overcome the feat in only 3:56


The Impossible Quiz is available for play for free on

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