Marvel’s Fall Of X Is Coming With New Teaser Image

by Tony Thornley

The X-Men have endured it all in the last three years. Later this year, the newest phase of the X-Men’s Krakoa era is coming- the Fall of X.

Revealed earlier today, Bryan Hitch has created a teaser that’s a little familiar to longtime X-Men fans. Where we’ve gotten a couple Infernos, it appears that Fall of X is inspired by another 80’s X-Men event, the Fall of the Mutants.

There are a few surprises in the title line-up on the image. First of all, Krakoan stalwarts Marauders and New Mutants are missing. Secondly, there are three very distinctly non-mutant titles here- the previously announced Uncanny Avengers, currently running Invincible Iron Man and a totally new entry Uncanny Spider-Man. Then there’s an interesting mix of new titles (Realm of X, Children of the Vault), continuing titles (X-Men, X-Men Red, and Immortal X-Men), and even a reboot or two (Astonishing Iceman and Dark X-Men).

More information was just released at MegaCon, so watch this space as we break down the news and reveals, and as we learn more about this exciting new X-Men era.

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