Humanoids Donates Profits From Four Books To ACLU In February To Combat Exclusion

by Staff

LA based publisher of international comics, Humanoids, has announced that they will donate 100% of the profits from four of their diverse graphic novels to the ACLU during the month of February to show their commitment to multi-culturalism and to combat exclusion.
CEO and Publisher Fabrice Giger says:

We publish stories by acclaimed creators from all around the world, including Moebius, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Juan Gimenez, Zhang Xiaoyu, Laura Zuccheri and John Cassaday. We are proud to be an international and multi-cultural company, and we will always stand up against ignorance and exclusion.

The books that have been chosen for this campaign are:

JihadA genre-bending work of political science fiction, where the rulers of the future are haunted by the ghosts of the past… Written and illustrated by Ukrainian green-card lottery winning creator Igor Baranko.

Beirut 1990: Snapshots of a Civil WarThe travel diary of two French brothers in a land at war. Based on the siblings’ real-life experiences in war-torn Lebanon.

District 14: Season 1A unique and addictive anthropomorphic mystery with an intricate plot and an immigrant hero, rendered in stark black-and-white. Winner of best series at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

The Zombies that Ate the World: Book 1 – According to Tobe Hooper: “It’s disgusting, fun and politically right on target!” A book full of alt-right nuts and rednecks who are way more dangerous that the peaceful living-impaired (just don’t call them zombies!).
Humanoids’ campaign on social media to support this is called “Humanoids of the world unite against ignorance! Support the ACLU.” You can purchase the designated books right here, and find Humanoids on Twitter here.

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