Help The CBLDF Defend Comics On Free Comic Book Day 2017

by Staff

This week, we get our first look at the educational comic created for Free Comic Book Day by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF). The CBLDF works to protect freedom of speech and rights for creators and readers alike. Their annual contribution to Free Comic Book Day takes the form of “Defend Comics” where artists are brought in to contribute to an educational message for all ages of readers.
This time Jeffrey Brown, George O’Connor, Jenni Holm, Matthew Loux, and more have contributed to the FCBD offering for 2017.

Themes revealed so far include the origin of music and song, xenophobia, and commentary on the lack of free speech in ancient times that has obvious parallels today.
Here’s our preview of the interiors of the comic:

You can read the full preview at a larger size right here. Free Comic Book Day is May 6th, 2017, and you can find this comic as well as many other free comics at your local comic shop.

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