Special Issue Of Ink Brick Comics Poetry Will Debut In Bookstores For The First Time

by Staff

Ink Brick is a serialized journal of poetry comics, a hybrid between the comics and poetry formats. It’s currently running to its 8th installment, with a special development, including an expansion to 80 pages of content and also a debut in comic shops across the country in Fall 2017. The development of volume number 8 is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, running in a campaign through March 1st.

There are few things more subtle and profound than the relationship between words and images, as all comic fans will attest, and Ink Brick takes that mysterious interaction to a new level bring us moods, stories, and experiences in an innovative way.
Creators who are taking part in Ink Brick no. 8 include:
Vidhu Aggarwal | Alyssa Berg | Warren Craghead | Erin Curry | John Hankiewicz | Keren Katz | Mark Laliberte | Matt Madden | Paul Madonna (cover) | Alexander Rothman | Alexey Sokolin | Bishakh Som | Deshan Tennekoon | Andrea Tsurumi | Paul K. Tunis | Andrew White | Sophia Wiedeman | Shahar Sarig
Here are some preview images of the work you’ll find in Ink Brick no. 8:

[Art by by Alyssa Berg, Matt Madden, Sophia Wiedeman, Bishakh Som, Vidhu Aggarwal]
And here’s a trailer for the campaign where you can learn more about Ink Brick:

And here’s a snapshot of some of Ink Brick’s previous installments:

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