Villain Toy Line ‘The Worst’ Coming To Animation From Robot Chicken’s Studio

by Staff

Announced at Toy Fair in New York City last week, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the production studio behind Robot Chicken, Supermansion, Buddy Thunderstruck, and much more, are bringing a hit toyline to life as an animated series. The line of villain action figures known as “The Worst” were produced by San Francisco-based company Super 7, who are now teaming up with SBS for the animated series.
Super7 explain the history behind the original toy line:

There are good guys. There are bad guys. And then there are…“The Worst”! Created in 2016 as a standalone toy line, “The Worst” began with Super7 looking back historically at their favorite franchises and finding that the best (or worst) characters in any given series were usually the villains. With that in mind, “The Worst” grew into an all new line of characters that were the best of the worst, and became an overnight hit with collectors, immediately selling out limited run action figures within days of release.

Now, for the animated series, the toys are sparking a plot where, “The Worst are the meanest of the mean and the baddest of the bad – simply put, they are the Worst bad guys ever!”

Main title characters for the animated series will be:

 Black Falcon – Undead Warlord of Doom

Robot Reaper – Robotic Harbinger of Death

X-2 the Unknown – Mysterious Shadow Assassin

Gas Phantom – Ethereal Specter of Evil

Batula – Bat Prince of Darkness

Snake Tut – Serpent God of Destruction

Here’s a look at our villains teaming up:

No word yet on when this series will be released, since it’s only just started development, but in the mean time, SBS is releasing their latest project on March 10th, Netflix’s stop motion kids series, Buddy Thunderstruck.

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